Thursday, 15 February 2018

Completed Dragoon marker bases!

With a busy weekend of sorting out the house ahead, I wanted to finish off the two dismounted dragoon markers. They match the dismounted and mounted dragoons but what I have not been able to do so far is to match the flags, an attempt at hand painting to match the ones carried by the mounted units failed miserably due to misaligned fringes and curved back edges. So plan B was to print off a couple in suitable colours and go with those, as you see below. I may well use another two matching flags to replace those carried by the mounted units, not sure yet. Anyhow, these will suffice for the time being, they are of course used to mark the spot where Dragoons dismount and leave the horses.

Reins are made from slightly flattened solder, quite easy to use and to superglue.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dismounted Dragoon marker bases 1.

I mentioned in the video that I was planning to make a couple of marker bases for when the Dragoons dismount. I had looked around for standing horses with saddles and pistol holders that would scale with my Hinchliffes, but unable to find anything suitable decided that a bit of conversion work was in order. Having a spare couple of hours yesterday I sorted out suitable horses and figures for the two planned bases and thoroughly enjoyed myself building up a saddle blanket, saddle and pair of pistol holders for the trial horse. I'm pleased how it turned out, the little balls representing the capped ends of the pistols seemed to finish it nicely, not perfect, but good enough for me. A couple of spare figures were given head swaps and were bent about slightly, one will become the holder with wire reins from horses mouth into the hands, the other a dismounted dragoon bearing the standard. I'll probably only go with 2 horses per base and 2 figures, mounted on circular bases, more horses would look more realistic but they are only markers. Back with pics once finished.

Same horse code (LH12), heads slightly turned. No reins across the neck, they will be run from the bit into the hands of the holder figure.

Edit, a miserable day in Dymchurch so cracked on with the first base.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Project completed, photos and a shaky video!

A collection of photos taken of the various units whilst laid out for a video yesterday.

And the video:

Friday, 2 February 2018

Excess baggage!

Below you see a few shots of my completed baggage train, always useful for ECW battles and campaigns. They are mostly Hinchliffe models with a couple of Front Rank wagons thrown in, but drawn by Hinchliffe horses. The mortar wagon is possibly my favourite, and the huge piece can be removed and placed on an artillery base with crew when required. A few Minifigs civilians have been based on 2p coins to accompany the wagons.

I have also painted a couple more light guns and crews this last week to bring the artillery up to six pieces. I'll add another base to take the huge mortar when deployed.

A present arrived in post this week from Tony -  he of the Prometheus in Aspic blog. It contained a large number of old minifigs and others that I don't know, but certainly recognise from  the few examples I have in my own collection. The bulk will form bases of 'Clubmen' with improvised weapons, pikes and the odd musket. I removed a few of the helmeted heads for the pikemen you see below, and these will be replaced with various other heads from the spares box in due course. Many thanks Tony, some very useful figures in there especially some nice command figures.

Rob was kind enough to send me a copy of the 'Victory Without Quarter' rules this week and I must say I have been really impressed with them. They are card driven rules with a real period flavour and a great random event system, similar to the 'Chaunce cards' in Tony's excellent C&C ECW variant that can be found on his blog - here. I think such random events add a lot to the game. The rules are designed to be quick play and would work very well with my large multi-based units as there is no casualty removal required. The more I read them the better I like them, and they seem to handle large games well.

Quindia Studios - Victory Without Quarter, by Clarence Harrison.

On the painting front I have just about completed Regiment of Foot number 11, just need bases textured. I have sufficient figures to build regiment 12, where I think I will call it a day! I'm planning a couple of Dragoon horse holder marker bases for when the dragoons dismount but can't yet find suitable figures and horses so may have to be conversions.

This is regiment of pike and shot number 11. I wanted to have a couple of units comprising a mix of coat colours but with the musketeers wearing thin sleeveless buff coats. The pikemen you see below are those as bought from Ian Hinds in the last post, quickly repainted and touched up. Regiment of foot number 12 will be similar, but using the 'soft hat, pike up' code with painted on tassets, heads twisted to front and most heads replaced with helmeted heads, as I did in my Kings Lifeguard.

Heads replaced from spares box.

These will form unit 12.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Horse restoration!

Maybe restoration is too strong a word, but those 36 'filthy Cavaliers' featured in my last post purchased from Ian Hinds via ebay have come up a treat. Firstly a good wash with a brush and water, followed by repairs to broken swords, trumpets etc and then a bit of twisting and turning of heads and arms before a run through with paints, touching up cracked/ lost paint, bit of re painting of saddle blankets and generally trying to bring each unit together. I don't mind different colours of doublets etc within units, that's realistic, but I do try to keep things fairly matched tonally.

Bearing in mind that these each cost the princely sum of £3.25 and that the casting cost per figure would be about £2.00 for horse and rider, (Hinchliffes really are that reasonable), you can see why I consider them such a bargain and why I have gradually bought up as many as I could over the past six months. I'm sure they are all vintage castings, I have found a couple of small details that differ between the originals and the newly re moulded figures, one being the length of the swords being slightly reduced on the latter castings.

While in the process of texturing the bases I ran the camera along the line. The bases need to fully dry before dry brushing with lemon yellow. There are a couple of Garrisons among the ranks, and a couple of odd figures that I removed to become command figures. They have a charm of their own, I think one maybe a Warrior figures (sword raised) but stand to be corrected, the other I have no idea, he is very slim and quite tall, any ideas?

And as I approach my goal of 12 regiments of pike shot, each 40 figures strong I bought these, again a re touch project, but it's another complete pike block and command base plus some extra useful musketeers, again a bargain at £40.00 for the 28 figures. That's my lot now from Hinds/eBay at last!

Just one non Hinchliffe ...... an Essex officer?

Hinchliffe code ECW 25 'Pikeman charging'

Friday, 19 January 2018

More filthy Cavaliers!

OK, so I know what I said in the last post about not buying any more painted cavalry for a while, but there were just these final three units that I had my eye on and I am weak. Again these units were clearly painted by the same hand as my other horse bought from Ian Hinds and once finished will give me three more retro style units. This will be it now though, as I'm sure I have cleaned out all these matching units, there are lots of others including many Minifigs, but of the Hinchliffe horse I have the ones I wanted.

As usual these chaps are filthy, awaiting a good clean up and retouch etc, but I can see the potential. A few swords will need to replaced as before, and I'll probably do a bit of careful turning of heads and bending of arms to create slightly different poses as before. They have a wonderful old charm even as they stand, I'm intrigued by the hand painted flag with the words 'Montgomery, 1277 to 1977', it's a lovely piece of work.

All cavalry units are now of 12, 15 or 18 figures so that they can deploy 3 deep, a look at the famous 'Naseby' illustration depicts the horse on both sides deployed as such - in column rather than line - that would not affect their training as Dutch or Swedish, (Trotters or Gallopers in modern parlance), and makes them easier to handle on the tabletop. I welcome any views on this subject of course.

The 3 units featured in the previous post have now been cleaned up, touched and glued to thier MDF bases (supplied as usual by the excellent Tony Barr at East Riding Miniatures). Hopefully you will agree that an hours work has made a big difference to them overall.

And at 250 cavalry plus 24 mounted dragoons I think I'll call it a day there for a while!

Firstly those filthy Cavaliers.They will come up a treat.

There are a few Garrison figures in there I can spot.

I'm sure that's a Garrison figure second from left.

Note the drum conversion, a nice touch.

And the shiny Heavy cavalry featured below, I decided to paint out the striped sleeves as some where flaking off, repainted Burnt red with flat red highlights (unit at right).