Friday, 30 June 2017

"Ready with either weapon" ....more ECW restoration!

This week I have completed another Regiment of Foot (10 pikes, 16 muskets plus 3 command) a Royalist Grey coat unit, painted a Saker gun and 4 crew, rounded the dragoons up to a 10 figure unit and painted the wonderful Cromwell OPC sculpted, like much of the range, back in 1978. All of these are based but awaiting texturing so point in photos yet, should be finished over the weekend with luck.

But I also took delivery of another 24 painted horse from Ian Hind, and yet again after a good clean up with a brush some fine detail came jumping out at me. I was surprised by the wonderful hand painted quality of this flag, I could not see any of it before I cleaned it! I'm certain this unit is by the same hand as the previous 'medium' unit, the painting is of a high quality. Here's a few shots of this unit after cleaning but before re basing, I'll probably match all of the saddle blankets to the red/yellow theme and the trumpet needs repairing with superglue. I then have a second unit to work on bringing my cavalry total to around 100 painted figures.

I would love to know when and by whom these fine figures were originally painted, but whoever he was the brushmanship is superb and I am proud to own them.


  1. Another great find Lee - this is turning into a truly wonderful collection!

  2. Those are indeed fantastic looking figures!

  3. More great looking cavalry, lucky you!
    Best Iain

  4. You are a true connoisseur, 'Lee, with an eye for quality beneath the murk. Fabulous finds!


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