Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hunting Poodles and more Horse and Foot!

When I started this project I had planned to paint everything myself, but seeing some of the units on sale on Bay from Ian Hinds I took the plunge and invested a little of my pension money into painted units. I'm really glad I did, because every figure I have received has been a delight, and has enabled my ECW collection to grow to it's current 110 cavalry and 179 infantry, plus a gun and 4 crew. The latest units I have purchased can be seen below, Ruperts Regiment of Horse now finished, a smaller 8 figure Parliamentarian Horse regiment and a blue coated regiment of foot.

'Ruperts' were bought as a 12 figure horse unit but I tweaked them a bit and removed a couple of figures that did not quite sit right in the unit, these were added to 6 'spare' cavalry I had which included a Warrior (?) cornet with broken flag that I had repaired by drilling out the tassels and inserting a length of brass rod, to create another 8 figure unit as seen below. These were tied together by giving them a Green theme overall.

As the regiment I designated as Ruperts were in dynamic charging poses I decided to add the Hinchliffe personality figure I had already painted to them and include the dog 'Boye' on the base. The Hinchliffe dog had bothered me slightly as it looked more Lamb like to me! A quick Google told me that Boye was in fact a rare white hunting poodle and illustration of the breed at that period seemed to suggest it was a quite large breed. As I have the Warlord metal Rupert - a huge casting - I removed the dog and added it to my Hinchliffe Rupert after a white drybrush over the black base coat. He's a big beast, you would not want to mess with him, but at least he does actually look like a dog, and a giant poodle at that.

IN addition to the above I have added two more Regiments of Foot, both Blue coated units. One I painted myself from scratch  (the unit below with unfinished bases), and the other came via Ian Hind. The pikemen intrigued me, they had been beautifully converted from one basic pose I had not seen which turned out to be ECW25 Pikeman charging. A sling has been added to one figures left arm and another has had his helmet removed and his head built up. My favourite conversion is the figure with his helmet half falling off, it's been so skillfully done that I can't see any evidence of the work! These 8 pikemen required no touching up, they arrived as seen. I'm paying just £2.00 per painted foot figure which is remarkable for the quality, with the cavalry around £3.50 per figure. All have required just a good clean to reveal the varnish and fine detail.

This is the unit bought ready painted, the pikemen are untouched, the musketeers have been touched up and highlighted here and there to bring them together, they await command figures.

One slight issue I am facing is with the basing, using filler means they have a tendency to crumble so I'm looking for something to protect them and seal them.

A few what I think are Minifigs have been included with a couple of the foot units, but they are very fine figures and will remain in the collection. If anyone could confirm the make of the figures indicated below I would be grateful? I'll add to these to build another Red coated Foot Regiment this week and then it's a bash through some artillery, I have another Saker and two huge Cannon Royale models to complete, plus crews.

All below bought ready painted from Hinds Figures, I'll add more pikes and muskets to create a full regiment then rebase.


For £2.00 per figure I can't complain!



  1. Let loose the poodles of war!

    1. Indeed Ian :) the mutt is a little on the large side but at least it doesn't look like a new born lamb.

  2. I don't think they're minifigs, mine are all a bit chunkier, unless they were even earlier?
    Best Iain

    1. I think they may be Garrison, the pikeman had the Garrison logo and code on the base but the musketeers have been filed. They are nice figure though so they stayed!

  3. Musketeer looks to be ECW1


    ..not sure about the pikeman though

    1. Steve, I'd say you are spot on, cheers for that, I did try to search the old catalogue on Henry Hides link but could only see certain codes. The lone pikeman turned out to be a Garrison figure - logo crisp on the base! I understand that the Garrison range may still be available, see below.

      This is interesting: http://www.vintagewargamingfigures.info/files/Garrison%202012.pdf

      And this: https://easterngarrison.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page_25.html

      This is the old list, my chap is ECW12 and a little gem he is too.

      I have some Minifigs 'Clubmen' coming assorted poses and improvised weapons, they still look very good.

    2. Forgot to add link to old list: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YIDB75odqCg/WI4SAJLF0cI/AAAAAAAAEWU/n1dQ_99wp04ymYw6mHjiQGQ2Mcv6TDx4ACLcB/s1600/English%2BCivil%2BWar.jpg


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