Sunday, 16 July 2017

Movement bases, Ironsides and Clubmen.

I started this collection with the intention of using them to fight battles with, not just sit on the display shelves, but it has quickly become apparent that the WRG basing style was going to involve an awful lot of moving of figures based singly and in twos. After much racking of the old brainbox, and having determined NOT to rebase, I decided that the best solution would be to place each unit on a sabot, or more accurately a movement tray. This is the solution I came up with up and having done the first few pike and shot units I'm very happy with things. Each pike block of 12 figures is placed upon a single large base with the 3 command figures sitting behind them, a 10mm strip is left along the rear edge for a unit designation label. The musket sub units (under WRG rules) are each on single bases, this has made a massive difference to my ability to shift the things about. Each Horse regiment - I now have 15 such varying in number between 8 and 12 figures - will sit upon a single large base in two ranks. I will engage the wonderful Tony Barr of East Riding Miniatures to lazer cut all the required bases, although I have cut these first few by hand from a stack of 100mm x 100mm MDF squares bought ages ago from ERM. Overall I'm happy with the look and feel, they retain an Old School charm but with a practical basing system that will enable me to use micro casualty dice to record losses.

Latest Horse Regiment re based.

A quick note on the WRG rules casualty system - I'll be using the alternative casualty system found in the back of the rules rather than recording losses up to 20 before removing a figure. This is quite simple and requires no book keeping and carrying over.

Surely one of the most iconic of the Hinchliffe ECW range is the 'Roundhead' trooper charging? The latest unit of such up for restoration are shown below, 15 figures and they include a wonderful hand painted flag, a trumpeter conversion and a magnificent falling trooper, his horse down on it's front legs and the rider being thrown forward. All have had their original swords replaced with flattened pins, skillfully done, and arms bent into different positions. There is just a little chipped paint here and there to touch up and two swords to replace but otherwise they are in lovely condition. They have been given an initial clean with water and soft brush and will be re based as per usual.

Also in the pipeline will be another Regiment of Foot, this time with pikes forward. I might need to add a few more musketeer figures to complete this one, but it's another project I will enjoy.

I had been searching for a source of Clubmen and these lovely old Minifigs seemed to fit the bill perfectly. They will also get the once over and I'll add a few musket carrying figures to them, but they have a unique charm of their own and fit well with my Hinchliffes. Aim is for a 20 figure unit with mixed improvised weapons.

Finally, I keep finding the odd unknown little gem among the figures bought Painted from Ian Hinds, I have no idea what these are, but I absolutely love them! Any ideas on the skinny chap especially?


  1. Personally I'm not a big fan of movement trays but I think what you've done there looks very good!

  2. Movement trays look good and fit the overall look, you'll have finished this project in a few weeks at the rate your going!
    Best Iain