Friday, 19 January 2018

More filthy Cavaliers!

OK, so I know what I said in the last post about not buying any more painted cavalry for a while, but there were just these final three units that I had my eye on and I am weak. Again these units were clearly painted by the same hand as my other horse bought from Ian Hinds and once finished will give me three more retro style units. This will be it now though, as I'm sure I have cleaned out all these matching units, there are lots of others including many Minifigs, but of the Hinchliffe horse I have the ones I wanted.

As usual these chaps are filthy, awaiting a good clean up and retouch etc, but I can see the potential. A few swords will need to replaced as before, and I'll probably do a bit of careful turning of heads and bending of arms to create slightly different poses as before. They have a wonderful old charm even as they stand, I'm intrigued by the hand painted flag with the words 'Montgomery, 1277 to 1977', it's a lovely piece of work.

All cavalry units are now of 12, 15 or 18 figures so that they can deploy 3 deep, a look at the famous 'Naseby' illustration depicts the horse on both sides deployed as such - in column rather than line - that would not affect their training as Dutch or Swedish, (Trotters or Gallopers in modern parlance), and makes them easier to handle on the tabletop. I welcome any views on this subject of course.

The 3 units featured in the previous post have now been cleaned up, touched and glued to thier MDF bases (supplied as usual by the excellent Tony Barr at East Riding Miniatures). Hopefully you will agree that an hours work has made a big difference to them overall.

And at 250 cavalry plus 24 mounted dragoons I think I'll call it a day there for a while!

Firstly those filthy Cavaliers.They will come up a treat.

There are a few Garrison figures in there I can spot.

I'm sure that's a Garrison figure second from left.

Note the drum conversion, a nice touch.

And the shiny Heavy cavalry featured below, I decided to paint out the striped sleeves as some where flaking off, repainted Burnt red with flat red highlights (unit at right).


  1. 274 cavalry must look amazing.

    1. Norm, they are all in boxes at the moment but I plan to get everything out together for a few pics as I work through magnetising all the bases for travel.

  2. This is starting to look like a form of creeping megalomania... and now I've developed a serious case of Army Envy!!!

    1. Rob, I know what you mean re megalomania! Somehow all those painted units needed to be kept together, I'm pretty confident I have them all now anyway. And the bigger/deeper horse units look more realistic in my view. I'll call it a day at 12 regiments of pike and shot and the horse, dragoons etc I already have. Will be close to 800 figures, biggest and best collection I have ever had.

    2. I can't wait to see the collection laid out, 12 regiments of foote sounds perfect enough for 6-a-side in a 3-2-1 formation or 7 vs 5 if you want a less equal conflict like Naseby. Actually the print of Naseby if anything suggests the Royalists have the edge in numbers but 'spin' has ever been with us. I like the idea of 3-deep cavalry but reckon the units need to be quite big to pull it off as I think you want a square or wider footprint anything deeper starts to look like a column. In 'The Print' the cavalry units look pretty square and not much deeper than the foot - you're using 3 ranks of foot to represent 6 ranks do 3 mounted ranks also represents 6? This would only likely be the case quite early in the war, especially so for most Royalists, but lets' wait and see what they look like all aid out together with the wings of horse flanking the foot.

    3. Thanks for your thoughts on this Rob. Bear with me as I might try putting two 12 figure units together and see how they look 8 wide by 3 deep!

  3. That's an awesome looking amount of cavalry and they already look good!
    Best Iain


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