Thursday, 15 February 2018

Completed Dragoon marker bases!

With a busy weekend of sorting out the house ahead, I wanted to finish off the two dismounted dragoon markers. They match the dismounted and mounted dragoons but what I have not been able to do so far is to match the flags, an attempt at hand painting to match the ones carried by the mounted units failed miserably due to misaligned fringes and curved back edges. So plan B was to print off a couple in suitable colours and go with those, as you see below. I may well use another two matching flags to replace those carried by the mounted units, not sure yet. Anyhow, these will suffice for the time being, they are of course used to mark the spot where Dragoons dismount and leave the horses.

Reins are made from slightly flattened solder, quite easy to use and to superglue.


  1. I do like the markers all based up like that - is there any more or is it all done and dusted now?

  2. Hi Rob, I really don't know, it seems about done and I keep looking at my Romans & Brits, aside from scale issues - now mostly solved - I'm keen to finish them. It's an odd time of my life, a big move abroad, but I know I'll never give up painting and collecting wargame figures as I thrive on it.

  3. Lovely looking horse holder's!
    Best Iain

  4. What a marvellous project and blog, Rob. I've just skimmed through a years worth of posts and loved every minute. Well done.


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