Friday, 2 February 2018

Excess baggage!

Below you see a few shots of my completed baggage train, always useful for ECW battles and campaigns. They are mostly Hinchliffe models with a couple of Front Rank wagons thrown in, but drawn by Hinchliffe horses. The mortar wagon is possibly my favourite, and the huge piece can be removed and placed on an artillery base with crew when required. A few Minifigs civilians have been based on 2p coins to accompany the wagons.

I have also painted a couple more light guns and crews this last week to bring the artillery up to six pieces. I'll add another base to take the huge mortar when deployed.

A present arrived in post this week from Tony -  he of the Prometheus in Aspic blog. It contained a large number of old minifigs and others that I don't know, but certainly recognise from  the few examples I have in my own collection. The bulk will form bases of 'Clubmen' with improvised weapons, pikes and the odd musket. I removed a few of the helmeted heads for the pikemen you see below, and these will be replaced with various other heads from the spares box in due course. Many thanks Tony, some very useful figures in there especially some nice command figures.

Rob was kind enough to send me a copy of the 'Victory Without Quarter' rules this week and I must say I have been really impressed with them. They are card driven rules with a real period flavour and a great random event system, similar to the 'Chaunce cards' in Tony's excellent C&C ECW variant that can be found on his blog - here. I think such random events add a lot to the game. The rules are designed to be quick play and would work very well with my large multi-based units as there is no casualty removal required. The more I read them the better I like them, and they seem to handle large games well.

Quindia Studios - Victory Without Quarter, by Clarence Harrison.

On the painting front I have just about completed Regiment of Foot number 11, just need bases textured. I have sufficient figures to build regiment 12, where I think I will call it a day! I'm planning a couple of Dragoon horse holder marker bases for when the dragoons dismount but can't yet find suitable figures and horses so may have to be conversions.

This is regiment of pike and shot number 11. I wanted to have a couple of units comprising a mix of coat colours but with the musketeers wearing thin sleeveless buff coats. The pikemen you see below are those as bought from Ian Hinds in the last post, quickly repainted and touched up. Regiment of foot number 12 will be similar, but using the 'soft hat, pike up' code with painted on tassets, heads twisted to front and most heads replaced with helmeted heads, as I did in my Kings Lifeguard.

Heads replaced from spares box.

These will form unit 12.


  1. Baggage train and more artillery are very useful additions.
    Good form by Tony to pass along surplus figures.

  2. Love the baggage - I'd tempted to do a 'drive by' while pursuing some of those rebel curs.
    For dismounted dragoon horse holders and horses I think you'll just have to get Hinchliffe standing horses and artillery crew as holders. Old Glory who might be match -for Hinchliffe don't do horses and holders unless they're included in the dismounted dragoon pack. If they aren't the only other ones I can think of are Bicorne which might not be a good match. Look forward to seeing if view of the rules changes on playing them.

  3. This is amazing stuff, 'Lee. I love the guns and wagons!
    I don't know how you do it - this from a man who's managed to figure so far this year.
    Best regards, WM

  4. All lovely, the oxen in particular caught my eye as making up a splendid base.

  5. Love a baggage train and your's is great! Artillery and foot are of course great too, I've got 3 hinchcliffe wagons I'm prepping up at the moment, nice models!
    Best Iain

  6. Lovely baggage train and artillery


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